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o12 :: Law

Feb. 2nd, 2013 09:25 pm
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[ text ]


1. At 11:00pm you shut the hell up because I have to get up to make sure Yotsuba's ready for school in the morning. Unless something really important happens and if you say it is and it isn't, punishment game.

2. No porn mags, eroge, or anything of that sort.

3. If I catch you with porn, you're going to beg me to kick you in the face instead of the punishment games you're going to have to put up with.

4. Yuri and Yotsuba don't have to follow any of these rules, but probably will anyway because they're decent things to live by.

5. If you break a minor rule, you have to sleep out in the front yard no matter what the weather is. Don't ask to sleep in anyone else's house or you'll get a punishment game.

6. Keep your rooms clean.

7. Keep the kitchen clean.

8. Keep the bathroom clean.

9. In fact, keep the house clean. Everyone clean up a mess the second they see it so I don't have to make a chore chart.

10. Do not kill each other. I know it's tempting because you're all morons, but don't do it.

11. Same rules about behavior toward each other except for that as the SSS from the afterlife normally has.

12. Yotsuba, you have to make sure that you get to school on time, eat all your vegetables, and don't get hurt. Also remember that we live with perpetually stupid people, so if they do something dumb, shake your finger at them and come get me.

13. If you harass Hayate, I will kill you.

14. Just because someone comes to visit me, Noda, does not mean you get to interrogate, hurt, harass, or kill them.

15. Irregular room inspections will occur (not you Naoi, you're allowed to have privacy) if I suspect you're not following the rules.

16. If you try to teach Yotsuba anything gross, punishment game.

17. I reserve the bathroom between 7:30am and 9:30am as well as 9:30pm to 10:00pm. Find another time to do your business.

18. You will remain fully clothed unless you are in your room or in the bathroom.

19. No measuring, I swear I will hurt you.

20. House meeting will be every Sunday. We can discuss any problems that we have, things we'd like to bring up, etc. to make sure that everything's running smoothly.

21. If you're planning to have guests over, let us know. I'll put a white board up in the kitchen.

22. No parties without my permission.

23. If you break anything, I get to break two of your things.

24. No one goes in my room.

25. In fact none of you are allowed to go into each others' rooms without permission from the owner of the room. I'm the head of the household so I'm allowed to for inspections.

26. I reserve the right to smack you if you piss me off.

27. It's ridiculous that I have to come up with a set of rules instead of expecting you guys to behave.

28. Saturday night is bedazzle something of Naoi's night and see how long it takes him to figure out what we messed with.
(I'm joking about that last one, don't actually do this unless I say so.)

29. If you have a problem with another member of the house, come to me. Don't throw furniture, your fists, your halberd, or Otonashi the goldfish at them.

30. Otonashi the goldfish has a higher rank in this house than you do, respect him accordingly.

[ action ]
[ After that, Yuri's going out to go shopping. See if she can't find a dog bed in case she decides to make anyone sleep outside and all that.

Okay, so maybe some of the rules were a little ridiculous but considering who lived in House 40 now, it was completely necessary with these boys.

Completely necessary.

Which is why Yuri was looking for pet supplies in the grocery store, as mean as it probably sounded. ]
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[ written ]
I know Christmas is coming up, but I don't really celebrate it and these elves are creeping me out more than getting me in the holiday spirit. Note to all: Don't try to hold a staring contest with them. You'll get a serious case of dry eyes.

Back on point, I told Minato I wasn't going to do anything for the upcoming new year, but it's my first one in Luceti and the first one I've had since I died, so I want to do something. Is there anyone who hasn't made plans already who wants to do something?

[ action ]
[ Later that day, since it started snowing, Yuri's decided to take an interest in much warmer clothing. While she still has a couple of jackets from last winter, since it was cold when she got here, she wanted to get some new outfit. As it stands, she's already dressed in an outfit fit for the snow, but she's going to be going through each of the clothes one by one, trying on scarves or ear muffs. The earmuffs she makes a face about though, because they're very uncomfortable with a headband. Maybe she'd have to get a ski cap...

Okay, maybe if you didn't know her you might think she's an actual normal girl who just likes shopping and trying on clothes right now.. Which really, she does like. Yuri just wouldn't normally admit something like that. ]
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[ voice ]

[ Filtered to Hermione, 89% unhackable ]
Any luck? I know it's been a while, but I'd still like to see if we can get that thing we talked about going. No specifics over the journals for obvious reasons. Want to meet somewhere?

[ Filtered to SSS Members+Officially Designated Consultants, 89% unhackable ]
Hey everyone! First of all, we've lost a lot of members because they've gone home so we need to get recruiting again. Secondly, I'd like to go ahead and go over a few projects for us that I've been working on with some more recent members. Part of it is a challenge we received from another group in Luceti to test our strengths and the other part.. Well, I'll talk to you guys about it in person. It's a little more confidential than I'm willing to risk putting on the journals, but I'll go over what it means here.

[ There's a brief pause. You know, to make sure everyone's got time to start listening up for real! ]

The SOS Brigade has challenged the SSS to a competition. We'll have to protect something and they will try to steal it from us. We've got permission to use any means necessary provided it is non-lethal. I haven't accepted, but I think this would be a good test of our base skills. Especially considering our need to be able to protect ourselves and others against the kidnapping droids-- if we can't at least manage one thing against people in Luceti, we need a lot more training before we can effectively accomplish anything. That's the basics of the challenge. I'll accept if no one has any objections or comments.

[ Normally she would've just said yes and they'd be doing it, but she knows she's got a lot of people in the SSS who are less likely to cooperate than the SSS in her world. Stepping back and asking their opinions will make everyone feel safer, like they have more of a say, and generally encourage a more trusting environment. That's what she's hoping anyway. ]

[ Filter drops completely. Open to all now, because Yuri wants to attract anyone who this sounds attractive to. ]

I think a lot of the problems with the SSS here so far have been that we're all seeking different things out of this. Some members signed up because they were bored, some signed up because they wanted to kick some ass, and some don't even know why they signed up. So I'm going to tell everyone here exactly what we're here for and what we're going to do. If you're not on board with it let me know.

Luceti is not a safe place. No matter how many superheroes are here or sorcerers or robots with souls or talking animals, it remains that for the most part, we don't have any organized way to protect ourselves from the very people who claim to be in charge. The Malnosso may be good guys, they may be bad guys. There's a lot of debate about what people seem to think about them but no matter what, I'm fairly certain no one thinks that the kidnappings and experiments are okay. What seems to go on is that people are busy gathering information and finding ways to fight the war on their own fronts, but from what I can see, there is very little going on to protect the people here in a more direct manner.

We don't have a lot of tools to do this. Right now, there isn't a way for people to even alert people that they need help immediately besides screaming and by the time we figure out where that screaming comes from if there even is any, it's usually too late. This isn't an attempt to guilt anyone or saying that we all need to shift our focus away from what's already being done. There are places for learning how to defend yourself. The Battledome is designed for self-training and there are groups that work on a per-request basis. If bad things go down, from what I've seen most of Luceti only reacts. There is no proactive force to attempt to stop bad things before they happen.

Maybe it's not much, but I want the SSS to start working on protecting people from basic things like in-home attacks and kidnappings from the Malnosso. We aren't police and we aren't people who have been trained to tell right from wrong, so we can't judge the others in this compound-- we can't have people call us because they're being robbed or assaulted by other Luceti residents because for all we know, we got played and we're fighting the wrong person. But the Malnosso droids we know aren't here for good reasons and we know that they're not the ones who need protection.

Those of you in the SSS or those of you who just want to work alongside us as consultants: Someone else and myself have been talking and we're going to see if we can't manage a way to do this so much more effectively. No details here, I don't trust the journals personally. If you want to ask in person, fine, but I can't promise anything just yet. I'll get the information out to everyone once I've got some definitive results on how this is going to work.

Just the SSS isn't going to be the one to be able to solve all of the problems here in Luceti. From what I can tell, everyone else is fighting to figure out how to get out, get information on the Malnosso-- so I want us to be a unit that's here just to rebel against them by protecting each other and anyone else in Luceti. It might not be as big of a dream as completely taking them down, but I think that's something the whole of us are going to have to do, rather than a part.

Any questions?

---Oh, last bit of info that's more fun and less important...

The coffee shop is definitely underway, but I realized a tiny problem with... well, electricity. So I've got two questions:

1. How do the other shops get electricity to them and can we just jump into that?

2. If not, I need a carpenter who can build me a water wheel so we can generate our own power. We're right next to the stream, so it should work that way right?

If we can get through that little hitch we should be up and running soon!
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Since the whole place is in shambles anyway, does anyone with building skill want to help me make a new building for a coffee house? I'm willing to work as long as whoever I'm working with actually knows what they're doing, because I don't.

[ A beat of silence before she completely changes gears. ]

Also: I've got a ref and at least two players signed up, but I want to hold a beach volleyball tournament when things are less wet! I'll need at least two people to wear bikinis and aprons to hand out refreshments and lots of participants.

{{ ooc: I got permission for Yuri to have a coffee shop, but since there's no place for one she'd have to build her own. Since she has no building skill, she needs help. The flood is like a sign from destiny, though. }}

[ At any point during the day after this post, one might find Yuri wandered around town looking for a good spot that she wants to set up shop. She's wearing something different than normal, a nice green coat that she'd received as a gift quite some time ago, and it almost looks as though she's about to give up--

No, she's just heading off to get out of some of the mess to take her socks off, since they're pretty much just getting covered in mud and mess anyway and making her a lot more uncomfortable than if she had bare legs. Sure, it might not be as warm, but it's not itchy at least. ]
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[ video ]
[ Ohai Yuri is looking pretty serious! Not that she usually looks silly, she just.. looks like she's got an idea. It's not a bad thing, of course. First things first. ]

Sokka! I need to talk to you in person ASAP! Scorpius, you too, but after Sokka. [ Yuri thinks Sokka would probably object to what she needs to ask Scorpius about, after all. ]

Everyone else: Favorite sport, go.

[ Filtered to the SSS. ~80%. ]
[ Someone helped her learn how to filter things much better, okay. ]

Meeting tomorrow morning. 9am. Go to the fountain; you'll be able to get instructions on where to go from there. Let me know if you can't make it before the meeting.

{{ OOC: I'll be posting a thread on her appointments post for the meeting in a little bit. I will update the OOC note here with the link when it's up. Meeting is here. Yuri will have someone from the SSS stand around the fountain from 8 to 9 and tell anyone in the SSS where to go. }}
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[ action ]
[ Yuri's eating lunch right now! Okonomiyaki sounded like a good idea, so that's where she is! Being very quiet while she eats. Alone. You should definitely go talk to her she likes eating with people better. :|

Even though she is writing in the journal right now. She's abandoned the idea of using the tunnels to build a hideout, but something underneath a coffee shop or something? Bingo. She's got to find out if it's not going to be too much trouble to do or if they should just have nomadic meetings. Just need more information, so... ]

[ text; all ]
How would you go about starting your own store here? I want a real coffee shop.

[ text; ~40% locked to Naoi, Battler, Shiki R., Shinji, Usagi, Yotsuba, Anakin, Kyrie, Kitty, Bruce, Isamu-- AKA SSS Official Members. ]

Recruitment time. I am not going to talk to every single one of the New Feathers that I can find this time since I'm working on putting together information for a mission beyond recruitment. For now, I want everyone to talk to at least three New Feathers about the SSS. They should all be acquainted with what's going on by now, so it'll be a lot easier! Good luck!

We need to have a meeting to discuss the first true operation. Any objections to Thursday at 5pm? I'll send out the location off of the network for security purposes. SSS Operations are not to be discussed on the journals, got it?

[ Also someone needs to help her with locking posts better, but she doesn't know that. ]
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[ text ]

Questions, Luceti! I've got maybe three.

1. Are there any princesses here? --I'll have follow-ups on this one if you agree.

2. Does Luceti have a copy machine that can blow up photos?

3. Does anyone know a lot about robots, hacking, really tall ladders, or shifts?

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[ video / action for house 40 ]
Uhg, I feel bad doing this this early into the game, but I got sick as a dog!

[ Yuri doesn't look like she's been sick, but that's because she made sure she was completely better before she talked to anyone else. You know, outside of her house. ]

I forgot how much I hated that, so I'm aiming to never let it happen again. [ She waves it off now, next topic. ] Those of you I talked to about the SSS, you probably thought I fell off the face of the planet but that's not true! So come here if you have any more questions or have thought about it and would like to sign up! I need everyone to report in if they would like to join or are already joined up so that I can get an official headcount! If you don't drop me a line, I'm kicking you out.

[ She looks like she's thinking something after that, then adds: ] ...That aside, where did the phrase "sick as a dog" come from anyway?

[ locked to Yotsuba and Naoi, probably hackable if anyone even tries ]
I hired a butler.
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[ voice ]
SSS Assemble! I want to explore the tunnels, I need to make sure you guys aren't all frolicking around when I decide to do it, so get over here so we can decide on a date.

This includes people who are still thinking about it, might as well bring you along to see if you play nice with others.
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[ video ]
Attention all Lucetians! Or is it Lucetese... Lucetijin? Luce-- [ She cuts herself off, then puts a hand on her forehead for a moment before looking back up at the screen. She's surprisingly close to the book, so most of what you can see is, in fact, her face. ]

Anyway, that part isn't important. I need to know if anyone's good with building minor electronics? I want walkie-talkies that are handmade so that I can reach people across Luceti on our own frequency.

[ She's crosses her arms, leaning back. She's obviously sitting somewhere and this time she's definitely got her headband and a school uniform on. ]

Other than that, I've got more of a philosophical question.. or maybe existential? Some hard to answer topic. If they can erase our memories of the past few days then what do we have to prove any of our memories are real?
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[ action ]
[ She hadn't gotten here that long ago, but this was a lot of people appearing. All at the same time. How in the hell did that happen?

Yuri's standing outside and staring at the sheer mass of the crowd, looking not at all impressed. Why? Not because there's so many people, but because there's something amiss about this. Which, naturally, ends in her voice raised loudly enough to be heard at least halfway across the plaza, if not more. ]

Why do they not have to have these stupid wings!?
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[ action ]
I'm starting to think waking up in strange places every time I get seriously injured is becoming a pattern. Is this the second phase of the afterlife? Level 3?

[ Yuri put one hand on her hip, shifting her weight to the opposite. She was still in that little sundress thing, wings still new, back still sore, but based on her gait? She already looked like she thought she owned the damn place.

She reached up and scratched her head slightly with the hand that wasn't on her hip. God it felt weird without her headband. Maybe finding her headband should be her number one priority. Seriously, she never went around without that thing, it felt weird. No, no, she probably should figure out where she is.

Journal first? She hadn't even looked at that thing yet. She opened it up and after poking around a bit, she decided to make a post. While walking through town in just her little dress, because she really doesn't care that much. ]

[ video ]
It's cold out here and I have no idea what's going on.

[ The dullest look on the planet, because really, this is getting ridiculous and she misses her thigh highs. They're warmer than this. Not a second later, she's got a tone that sounds pretty damn commandery. ]

Someone explain.


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